An introduction to Lino Voga

How to create new participants

Click on the [Participants] quick link in the dashboard. Lino shows a list of existing participants.

  • In the quick search field, type some part of the participant’s name in order to verify that Lino doesn’t yet have it.

  • Click on insert button in the toolbar. Fill in the fields of the dialog window.

  • Click Create or hit Ctrl+S to store the data in the database. Lino shows the newly created participant in a detail window where you can continue to enter more information about them.


Before enrolling the participant into an activity, we must create at least one.

Create your first activity

  • In the main menu, select Configure ‣ Calendar ‣ Rooms and create a room. This step is optional. If you don’t want Lino to care about rooms, you can leave the rooms of your activities blank.

  • In the main menu, select Activities ‣ Activity lines and create an activity line “Ceramics workshop”.

    In the detail window of your activity line, set “Manage presences as:” to “Participant”.

  • In the main menu, select Activities ‣ Activities and create an activity “Ceramics workshop 2021”. Choose some existing person as instructor. You can also leave that field blank and dill it later.

  • In the detail window of your activity

Issuing invoices